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Latvian Alphabet

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The Latvian alphabet consists of 33 letters, 22 Roman letters (these do not include Q, W, X, or Y) and 13 extra letters which have symbols above or below the letter. These symbols are called “diacritic marks”.  Latvian orthography also uses digraphs Dz, Dž and Ie.

The modern Estonian alphabet consists of the 27 letters

A a Ā ā B b
C c Č č D d
E e Ē ē F f
G g Ģ ģ H h
I i Ī ī
J j K k Ķ ķ
L l Ļ ļ
M m N n Ņ ņ
O o P p R r
S s Š š T t
U u Ū ū V v
Z z Ž ž

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