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The Polish alphabet consists of 32 letters: a, ą, b, c, ć, d, e, ę, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, ł, m, n, ń, o, ó, p, (q), r, s, ś, t, u, (v), w, (x), y, z, ź, ż. The three additional letters q, v, x are only present in those unfamiliar foreign words that retain the original spelling.

Polish Alphabet

A Ą B C Ć D E Ę F G H I J K L Ł M N Ń O Ó P (Q) R S Ś T U (V) W (X) Y Z Ź Ż

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Romanian Alphabet

Alphabet is alfabet in Romanian , but you can also say abecedar.