Romanian vocabulary Months of the Year Old Fashioned Names

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Old-fashioned names for the months of the year in Romanian are not commonly used today, but they can still be interesting to know. Here are the months of the year in Romanian with old-fashioned names:

  1. Ianuarie – Gerar (January)
  2. Februarie – Făurar (February)
  3. Martie – Brumar (March)
  4. Aprilie – Prier (April)
  5. Mai – Florar (May)
  6. Iunie – Cireșar (June)
  7. Iulie – Cuptor (July)
  8. August – Gustar (August)
  9. Septembrie – Răpciune (September)
  10. Octombrie – Bradăț (October)
  11. Noiembrie – Brumărel (November)
  12. Decembrie – Crăciun (December)

Please note that these old-fashioned names are not commonly used in modern Romanian, where the standard names for the months are used instead.