Bulgarian Alphabet

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The Bulgarian alphabet is a captivating journey through history, culture, and linguistic identity.

The Bulgarian alphabet is based on the Cyrillic script, which was created by Saints Cyril and Methodius, two Byzantine brothers, in the 9th century. This script was specifically tailored to the needs of the Slavic languages and later adapted for the Bulgarian language.

Bulgarian Cyrillic features 30 letters, some of which are not found in other Cyrillic alphabets. One distinct feature is the letter “ъ” (called “yer” or “ер малък”), which represents a short, unaccented vowel sound similar to the English “uh.”

These are the 30 letters that make up the Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet. Each letter represents a specific sound in the Bulgarian language.

А (a)
Б (b)
В (v)
Г (g)
Д (d)
Е (e)
Ж (zh)
З (z)
И (i)
Й (y)
К (k)
Л (l)
М (m)
Н (n)
О (o)
П (p)
Р (r)
С (s)
Т (t)
У (u)
Ф (f)
Х (kh)
Ц (ts)
Ч (ch)
Ш (sh)
Щ (sht)
Ъ (a with a short sound)
Ь (yery)
Ю (yu)
Я (ya)